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Star Botanicals are energetically balanced Natural Medicines specifically designed and formulated to provide therapeutic combinations of Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathic Medicine and or Flower Essences based on scientific, clinical and traditional medicine.

State-of-the-art design with power and precision, Vitamix are true high-performance blenders.

Greenstar machines reputably one of the world’s best juice extractors and most efficient food processors.

Sedona Raw Food Dehydrator

Sedona Classic Raw food Dehydrator is the elegantly easy way to dehydrate raw whole living foods, preserving the natural nutritional value and taste without using artificial preservatives.

Turn your tap water into refreshing alkaline mineral water as nature intended. Remove bad taste, odour, chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride and bacteria.

Nutritious, Delicious ‘Food As Medicine’ Meal Plans & Recipes for ‘Your Style of Life’!