We offer Naturopathic Consultation,

Food Intolerances/Allergy Tests and

Bio-Energetic Testing

During the consultation, we incorporate all aspects of your physical, mental and emotional health whilst taking into account your presenting symptoms, diet, lifestyle, exercise, environment and personal and family medical history.With the information compiled from you completing the HQLA ‘Health Questionnaire Lifestyle Appraisal’ we discuss your concerns, goals and treatment plan.

  • Initial Naturopathic Consultation is dedicated to conducting a complete history of your health and medical history. It is very important to establish a thorough picture of all aspects of your health and lifestyle over your life is documented.

One or more of our diagnostic techniques may be employed to assess causative factors, the body’s imbalances and stressors.

  1. MSA – Meridian Stress Assessment is conducted face to face or using hair/saliva sample to gain an accurate assessment. I test between 1 to twelve meridian acupoints – whole body meridian point, Lymphatic, Lung, Large Intestine, Nervous System, Circulation, Allergy point Endocrine (Adrenal) Point, Cellular Metabolism, Heart and Small Intestine Meridian.

At the end of the consultation, we may individually design and create your Package 
and/or prescribe ‘Practitioner Only’ Health Products if required.

Bio-Energetic Testing

The BioEnergetic Evaluation (BEE) combines cutting-edge technology with proven medical science, to provide a unique and effective meridian stress assessment tool integrating Eastern wisdom with Western technology.

Food Sensitivity or Allergy Tests

Looking to heal your gut, improve your immune system, lose weight and generally improve your health and wellbeing? We help make it easier for you with Sensitivity Testing! No more guesswork.