This package is my GOLD STANDARD blend of consultation and individual designed and created star botanical medicinal remedies.

Your initial naturopathic consultation will centre on a thorough case assessment that will include extensive discussion and investigation covering all aspects of your life that may be influencing your health and medical history. We will discuss your current health concerns and explore your health goals.

From this appointment, I will be able to individually create and designed for you five Natural Medicine Remedy Products to bring your body back to balance. All of these are personalised from your naturopathic consultation and test results. Click this link for more information on the Star Botanicals ‘Health & Lifestyle Product Package.'

My consultation style adopts a blend from my professional qualifications and experience as a Naturopath, Herbalist, Homoeopath, Nutritionist, Natural Fertility Practitioner & Fitness Instructor to give you the best outcome. I adopt various tools and techniques to assist in developing an accurate health assessment and treatment plan for you to accomplish your health & lifestyle goals, including:

  • Extensive Case Evaluation (normal value $250)
  • Medical History
  • Herbal, Nutritional, Homoeopathic, Homotoxicology and Natural Fertility Medicine
  • Energetic Medicine
  • Bioenergetic Evaluation – Pathology Test (Hair & Saliva) (normal value $350)
  • Energy Plus Nutritional & Lifestyle Guide for Health Booklet
  • Nutrition Program, Recipes and Shopping List – eBook (normal value $250)
  • Prescription – Natural Medicines & Practitioner Only Supplements
  • Star Botanicals! Prescription Only Health Product Package (value $200) normal
    Star Botanical Remedies individually designed and formulated herbal, nutrient, homoeopathic & flower essences.
  • Flower Essence therapy
  • Health and Lifestyle recommendations

Would you like to improve your Health & Lifestyle?

  • Get that SPARK back and feel AMAZING?
  • Feel more EMPOWERED and in control?
  • Improve your GENERAL HEALTH and well-being?
  • Improve your ENERGY?
  • Improve you and your families LIFESTYLE? STRENGTHEN and Tone your body?
  • Maintain a HEALTHY BODY weight?
  • Improve DIGESTIVE and GUT HEALTH while improving IMMUNE SYSTEM?
  • Rid yourself of BELLY BLOATING, bowel problems – IBS, Constipation?
  • DETOX NATURALLY with Kidney & Liver support?
  • Look & FEEL your best so you can be perfect for your special WEDDING day?
  • Balance HORMONAL health through all stages of your life – puberty to menopause?
  • Start a family and have a healthy PREGNANCY and BABY?
  • Enjoy HEALTHY Glowing SKIN and secrets to ANTI-AGEING?
  • ACHIEVE and reach your GOALS in all areas of your LIFE (study & business) with a SPRING in your step?
  • Achieve your best in your SPORT and improve your FITNESS?
  • Understand your Food Sensitivities (Intolerances) to improve your NUTRITION?
  • Take the guesswork out of what Foods and Environmental stressors cause INFLAMMATION in your BODY?
  • Prevent DISEASE?
  • Create HARMONY and BALANCE in your LIFE?
  • STRESSLESS and take control of your EMOTIONAL well-being and mental health.

Support your health and wellbeing every month


Health & Lifestyle Product Package Star Botanical Natural Medicines – individually created for you after your Naturopatahic Consultation.
  1. Homoeopathic (25ml)
  2. Flower Essence (25ml)
  3. Detox Support (50ml)
  4. Body Boost (100ml)
  5. Vital Qi (100ml)
Naturopathic Consult Packages also include
  1. Personalised Nutritional & Lifestyle Guide
  2. Practitioner Only Nutritional Supplement Prescription

How can it help?

Your personalised professional medicinal remedies are formulated and designed especially for you after your Naturopathic Consultation.
  • Bring your body back to balance
  • Improve all aspects of your health – physical and emotional
  • Improve your lifestyle, fitness, sleep, digestion
  • Improve Energy
  • Remove the stress on your body by using the best quality organic and high potency medicinal products. All individually designed for the patient. These 5 remedies address your complete health physical, emotional and nutritional.

What is it?

This package is designed for you to address all aspects of healing your body and emotional well-being using excellent quality practitioner only medicinal natural remedies. A complete natural health care solution addressing all stressors – physical, environmental and emotional. The medicinal remedies are personally created and designed for you every time after a Naturopathic Consultation and testing (MSA – Meridian Stress Assessment & or Kinesiology).
  • Natural Healing
  • Health & Vitality
  • Energy & Function
  • Harmony & Balance
  • Energy Plus