How Can It Help?

12 Week Total Wellness Package

This program is designed to help you improve all areas of your health naturally without stressing you. How often would we like to set the clocks back and treat our body differently? Are you listening to your body? What is it telling you? Your body doesn’t lie! In healing the rule of thumb is if you have been suffering from a health condition or unpleasant symptoms physically and or emotionally for three years it will take a minimum of three months to peel back the layers and heal!

Hering's Law of Cure is the basis of all healing. This is the way the body heals or cures itself. “All cure starts from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared or been suppressed”. With this in mind allowing you a minimum three months to improve your health and re establish a healthy mind, body and soul. Putting time into yourself will be the best investment you have ever made. You can’t buy health you have to put protocols and lifestyle changes in place to create a healthier, fitter, stronger and emotionally balanced self. Take time to invest in your improving your health and lifestyle as you are worth it! Prevention is the best Medicine for ‘Your Style of Life'.

    • Everything you need to improve your health, work towards a healthy lifestyle, excellent quality medicinal remedies tested and created especially for you.
    • Individual diet/nutritional plan, Emotional wellbeing and mental/stress support.
      Lifestyle guidance and supportive change to work with your busy schedule and life.
    • Positive encouragement to meet your goals eg: overall health, fitness/sports goal (event), preconception care and/or fertility support, Digestive health, Skin health, Family wellbeing, Improved Energy, Breaking addictions, Sleep improvement etc etc

This program will not only improve your symptoms that are concerning you at this time it will set you up with the skills and healthy lifestyle of fitness choices and protocols to keep improving and powering in all areas of your life!

What Is It?

The 12-week Total Wellness package is especially for you to help you achieve all your health, wellness and lifestyle goals. This 12-week program is designed to guide you to wellness using a blend of Naturopathic Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Flower Essences, BioEneretic Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. We personalise your program and educate you to adopt positive healthy changes, that will become part of Your Style of Life. You are worth it! Make the change now! Let me guide you, find that stress free work/life balance and take the guesswork out of what you should or shouldn’t be doing to achieve the ultimate healthy version of you! You deserve to power, have fun and be healthy. Wellness for Life! 12 Week Total Wellness Package includes:
  1. Online Naturopathic consultation x 3
  2. HQLA (Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire) x 3
  3. Bioenergetic Evaluation Test (Pathology Hair/Saliva) or Kinesiology Test x 3
  4. Health & Lifestyle Medicinal Remedy Packages x 3 (15 products)
  5. Monthly Personalised Nutritional and Lifestyle Guide x 3
  6. Prescription x 3
Prescription x 3