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Food Sensitivity or Allergy?

Are you sick of suffering after eating a meal?

Are you confused about what to eat, when,  & how to cook and why you feel unwell after eating certain foods?

To take the confusion away and to give your body a well-deserved holiday from eating the same diet or foods that you have from birth having a sensitivity food test may be the answer you are looking for.

Sometimes it is just having a break from a certain food or food group that is causing inflammation and putting stress on your digestion.

TESTS (Pathology - Hair/Saliva)

Make life easier with Sensitivity Testing!

Recent studies have demonstrated that 45% of people have food sensitivities (Intolerances) of some sort undermining their health and vitality. Looking to heal your gut, improve your immune system, lose weight and generally improve your health and wellbeing?

Is the food you are eating causing Stress and Inflammation in your body?

80 – 90% of all diseases and conditions are caused by inflammation and stress. What you are eating now could be causing damage and increasing your risk to serious health conditions. Prevention is the best Medicine.

Are the Foods You Are Eating Destroying Your Gut?

The truth is that diet-related inflammation in your body can be reduced and changed by taking a simple food sensitivity test and changing the foods you are eating. It’s important to understand that most inflammation starts in your GUT!

Do you have a problem losing weight?

When you eat a food that you are sensitive to it causes a stress response in your body, which releases a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol inhibits the body’s ability to burn fat and in particular Belly fat… You may be sticking to a well-balanced fitness programme and trying to eat healthy but if you are ingesting foods that you are sensitive too you will not be experiencing the results you are hoping for.

Sensitivity Testing gives you the answers!

Book your online test now and start the journey back to health. Simply take a pathology sample – of your hair & or saliva. Place it is a small sealed bag with your name and date and mailed it back to us.  Within 7 – 10 days we will conduct the test and email you your report. The report will detail any food sensitivities (intolerances) that you have and also include a protocol on how to improve your overall health based on your individual test results. The report and the protocol are easy to follow.

Get tested today, you and your family deserve it!

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Health & Lifestyle Product Package

This medicinal remedy health product package is professionally designed and created for you after completion of an HQLA (Health Questionnaire Lifestyle Appraisal) and Naturopathic Consultation to help you reach your health and lifestyle goals.

Stress & Emotional Wellbeing Package

This package is individually designed for you and created using three amazing flower essence product ranges, provide a simple system of healing that anyone can use.

12 Week Total Wellness Package

The 12-week program that gives you the tools and medicinal remedies teaching you to adapt positive healthy changes into your life that will become part of ‘Your Style of Life’.

6 Week Pre-Wedding & Special Event Package


Hello gorgeous! Are you excited about your Wedding day and or exciting event coming up?

Would you like to have that healthy sparkle, glow and wow factor on your special day? This 6-week package is designed to enhance you beautiful. Healthy skin, body and stress feel!

So excited to guide you to Wellness & improve 

‘Your Style of Life’ 

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16 Week Preconception Package


Creating a new life and becoming a family is one of the most life-changing, challenging and exciting times of your life.

This Preconception package has been created to guide both of you to achieve your dream for a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby.