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I’m Christine, a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist. A natural health, clean food lover, home-cooked meal fanatic, fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiast with a passion for travel. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, I now live in Melbourne, the city of four seasons in a day. I travel to four states on average every month hence the tag – travelling naturopath.

I’m also an enthusiastic promoter of finding a healthy balance between chasing adventures, usually in the helicopter capturing photographic memories along the way and catching up with my five healthy, adult children. My ‘Style of Life’ is about finding balance while having fun.

Christine.Life is my online business where you’ll find an introduction to Naturopathic Medicine and advice on how to heal your body using natural medicine, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes. I hope you'll be inspired to adopt healthy lifestyle changes and use preventative medicine as a way of life. My wish for you is to be excited about getting back to basics and happy to embrace a life full of healthy everyday choices.

My Story

I started my company in 1979 when I contracted my services to the science, health and fitness industry.

After graduating from Naturopathic studies in the early eighties I opened my own Naturopathic Clinic when face to face consultations were the norm.

Fast forward to the advantages of using ‘Tele Health’, especially in today’s climate, I have revitalised my business model with a new trading name, Christine.Life to move to an online business and service model. This positive step now allows me to help more people in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

What inspired me to become a Naturopath!

Previously I was a professional diver working in marine biology, environmental science and teaching diving. It was exciting working for companies and organisations such as CSIRO, University of Western Australian, Woodside Gas and more. Early in my career, however, I found I suffered ear and sinus infections so couldn’t work underwater. A Naturopath and Herbalist opened my eyes to the power of Natural Medicine, and that was 30 years ago!

I was so impressed I commenced study in Naturopathy, blending my work in Marine Science, working part-time in the fitness industry, teaching aerobics and personal training. The blend of Naturopathy and Fitness was holistic, and I found positive results many years before it was in vogue.


As the mother of five beautiful children, who were born at home and breastfed for in total of 15 years! I have a soft spot for working with all areas of women’s health, pregnancy, babies, natural fertility management and family health.

Athletically I have represented the State (Western Australia) and Australia in two extreme sports – winning world champion status in both sports.

I practise what I preach, which gives me that passion for wanting to help you because it works.
I’m excited to guide, educate and teach you health, nutrition and lifestyle strategies you can use every day. Build your immune system, reduce your life stressors and improve your overall health. Food should be fun, simple and not dull. Food restrictions are not life restrictions.


– Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) – NSW
– Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (HD) – WA
– Advanced Diploma of Herbal Medicine – WA
– Diploma of Herbalism – QLD
– Diploma of Nutrition – WA
– Diploma of Auricular Acupuncture – WA
– Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine – WA
– Diploma of Remedial Massage/Body work – WA
– Diploma or Iridology – WA
– Post Grad, Natural Fertility Management – NSW
– Post Grad, Homoeopathy and Homotoxicology – SA
– Diploma Kinesiology – Touch For Health – WA
– Certificate Bowen Therapy – WA
– Certificate Dorn Therapy – WA
– Certificate Biomesotherapy – WA
– Diploma of Aerobic Exercise Instruction (Honours) – WA
– Certificate in Fitness Leadership (GYM) – Personal Training – WA
– Certificate in Aerobic Leadership – WA
– Certificate in Personal Training -WA

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