Have You Been Prescribed the Bach Flower Essence Heather?

I am happy to share the therapeutic benefits of this flower essence below with you.

Flower Essence Therapy is gentle, safe and perfect to help relieve the stressors of the modern world!
Would you like to chip away at the negative emotional stress, fears and memories of your mind that may be holding you back from healing?

When you take flower essences regularly, they gradually lift the adverse emotional blockers of the past and help you see the world in a brighter, beautiful light.

Flower Essences are Energetically Healing

When you take Flower Essences the healing of the physical, mental and spiritual body is gently, yet definitively.

Bach Flower Therapy

This Flower Essence is called Heather
Latin Name: Calluna vulgaris
Bach Flower Remedy #14


Heather relates to the soul qualities of empathy and readiness to help. In the negative Heather state, one is only concerned with oneself and one’s problems, and even trying to solve them at the cost of others. This state may be of the extrovert or introvert type. Almost everybody will at some time or other be temporarily in the Heather state.


  1. Self-centred
  2. Obsessed with own troubles and affairs
  3. Constantly needs an audience
  4. ‘the needy child'

Potential Following Transformation

  • The sympathetic adult, great empathy.
  • Good listener, interested partner in discussion.
  • Able to enter completely into the concerns of another or something that needs to be done.
  • Radiates strength and confidence.

Supportive Measures

  • Always visualize the aura of the other, as something not to be penetrated.
  • Practise listening; for once consciously wait to see what comes up of its own accord.
  • Become engaged in-group projects: neighbourhood help, community politics etc.

Positive Statements for Practice

  • I give and I also shall be given.
  • Whatever is right for me, will come to me.
  • I am secure within myself.
  • I am flowing in the stream of divine energy.
Flower Essence Therapy is healing, gentle and safe!

FLOWER ESSENCES are individually designed & blended in a remedy (Star Botanical Range) specifically for you after a Naturopathic Consultation and with your Health & Lifestyle Prescription.

Flower Essences are also a particular remedy of choice in my' Stress & Emotional Wellbeing Package‘.

Look after your mental health and emotional wellbeing!

Flower Essences Stimulate the Healing of Emotional and Persistent Repressed Mental or Emotional conflicts!!

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