Animals also feel stress

Why test your pet?

Animals experience stress and emotions like us, and this affects their behaviour and overall wellbeing. Animals, just like humans, can suffer from attachment issues or trauma.


  1. When an animal is removed from its mother and siblings abruptly and too early.
  2. Hurt from injury
  3. ill-treatment or abuse
  4. Abandoned and dumped – common in rescue dogs
  5. Malnutrition and fear of not having food and water!
  6. Unsafe

Happy Pet Package

If your pet is suffering any of these emotions, we would love to help you with our complete Happy Pets Package which includes:

  1. Online Consultation
  2. Questionnaire
  3. Pathology Test -Bioenergetic (via hair, fur, etc.). Bioenergetic evaluation via pathology hair sample testing and or kinesiology. I am using this technology – vibrational medicine to create and select individual remedies designed and developed for your pet after the consultation.
  4. Star Botanical Remedies x 2, a Homeopathic & Flower Essence. Flower essences and homeopathic remedy to balance and improve your pets emotional wellbeing.

When you complete your online booking, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to your zoom meeting, the online questionnaire plus details were to mail your pets pathology sample.

Balance your beautiful pets emotional wellbeing and relieve the stress, anxiety and trauma with our winning formula Happy Pets package. Gentle, Natural and Safe.


Positive results are diverse! Calm anxiety-free, friendly and interactive! Happy, loving and affectionate, with positive behavioural changes and more.