An energetic system of medicine based on Law of Similars – “Like Cures Like”.

Vibrational Healing

Homoeopathic Medicine, is vibrational healing that gently stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself without drugs by strengthening the Vital Force.

The Vital Force is also known as Qi (Chi – Energy), the unseen, energetic power that guides every physiologic function of living beings.

Vital Force = Energetic Powerhouse of Wellbeing

Homeopathy is an effective and gentle medical practice that was developed over 250 years ago (1796) by a German doctor called Samuel Hahnemann and has been used in Europe ever since and is now widespread throughout the world.

Homeopathy is a dynamic system of medicine based on the Law of Similars – “Like Cures Like.”

Energetic Dose

By providing the body with an energetic dose of a specific substance matching the client’s presenting symptoms stimulates the body’s healing process to restore health.

When selecting the homoeopathic remedy on the principles of the ‘Law of Similars’ it encourages the body to activate the Vital Force (Chi – Qi) and this has the innate ability to enhance the bodies healing ability.

Specially prepared dilutions of herbs, minerals, etc are carefully matched to the client to stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal.

Balance and Harmony

Every health complaints and symptoms that afflict humantity (Mental, Emotional & Physical) can be treated homoeopathically.

If the vital force (Chi – Qi) is in balance and harmony you are in a state of “Health”.

A healthy state is reflected in the absence of disease symptoms.

Holistic Therapy

Homoeopathy is also a modality that is holistic in therapy.

The trained homoeopath takes a case by listening to the patients life story, history, symptoms, reactions, cravings, likes and dislikes etc.

The homeopathic remedies are selected after the consultation considering all physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

The remedies chosen treat the whole person not just the symptoms.

Kick-Start The Body Into Healing Itself

Homoeopathic Medicine aims to kick-start the body to heal itself!

Understand and address your hereditary weaknesses and predispositions. What I mean by that is if you have a family history of lung disease and asthma – you become more proactive in making sure you don’t smoke, you do activities that increase your lung capacity like swimming. You don’t wait until you become sick to take action.

Be aware of your family’s health history – hereditary weakness – heart disease, diabetes etc. You don’t wait until you are diagnosed with an illness. You become proactive in doing everything you possibly can to work preventatively in keeping your body healthy and immune system primed.

Achieve the best results for your health; all aspects of a healthy lifestyle routine needs to be followed every day for the rest of your life.

Physical: Includes regular exercise to stay fit. Lifestyle Management.

Nutrition: Eat fresh, vital seasonal food. Nutritional Medicine.

Environment: Create A healthy toxic-free environment both at home and at work. Homotoxicology.

Stressors: Address all stresses in your life – mental, emotional and physical. Emotional Wellbeing.

The aim is to keep your body in balance, vital force in harmony and prevent disease by listening to the cues, symptoms and warning signs of your body.

You have the power to heal yourself by making the right decisions.

Take Charge of Your Health

There is something very empowering to take charge of your health care.

When you use homoeopathic and herbal remedies instead of a pharmaceutical drug, you are stimulating your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

When you take pharmaceutical drugs, you suppress the symptoms and weaken your vitality and ability to heal. The toxins are pushed deeper into the cells of your body and may manifest at a later stage with a more chronic disease. E.g., Skin conditions treated with cortisone. The skin may clear up, but later the patient may present with lung conditions such as asthma. There is a pattern to the way the body deals with toxins. (Homotoxicology).

Treating with natural remedies (homoeopathic, herbal, nutritional) you build and support the body to heal itself and create a stronger immune system. Yes, it may take longer to achieve results, but you are strengthening and healing your body along the way.

It is necessary to take pharmaceuticals sometimes, but they should be a rarity, not the norm. It is also imperative to work with a supportive integrative medicine support team. Treat the cause, not the symptom!

Improve Your Vitality

Improve your vitality – Don’t suppress it with toxins and drugs. Give your body the tools and help it needs to thrive and HEAL With every illness treated successfully you become healthier, the remedy peels off (like an onion) another subtle layer of energetic “dis-ease” accumulated from living overstimulated and sometimes toxic environments. Trust yourself to make the right decisions. You are in control of your health and life.