The Study of Toxic Substances

Homotoxicology means the study of the effects of toxic substances on human beings. Homotoxicology is a way of understanding the origins of disease and cure.

Homotoxicology is an integrated, holistic bio-regulatory system of medicine as initiated and established by Dr H-H Reckeweg.

Formulated by a German doctor, Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg in
1955 as a unifying approach, based on the principles and philosophy of homeopathy.

Homotoxicology represents a unique intellectual synthesis of healing.
According to Dr Reckeweg, “diseases” are expressions of the battle of the organism against toxins, in its attempt to counteract and expel them.

When the body can no longer expel them, for whatever reason, the organism tries through increased pathological means to make up for the damage already sustained.

This process goes in six distinct phases, known as the Six Phase Table.

1. Excretion phase or the expulsion of toxins through body orifices, e.g. diarrhea, vomiting.

2. Reaction phase – where the body removes toxins reacting against them, e.g. fever, inflammation and mobilisation of white blood cells to consume the toxins.

3. Deposition phase – storage followed by deactivation of the toxins in connective and fat tissue and the vascular system.

The above phases are naturally “reversible”.
The following phases become more and more challenging to deal with as in these processes damage occurs to the organs themselves.

4. Impregnation phase – severe disease occurs in a “locus minoris resistentiae”, the body’s weakest organ;

5. Degeneration phase – the organ is increasingly and irreversibly damaged, with alteration of the cellular enzymes and in the organic structure.

6. Neoplasm or Cancer phase– the cell genes are damaged.

In brief, when the body can’t excrete toxins, acids, it creates inflammation (or other processes) to try to get rid of them.

If this cannot be achieved, the body has to deposit those toxins somewhere in the body where they will be out of the picture, so to speak, walled off and isolated from the rest of the body.

What is Homotoxin

Dr Reckeweg defined ‘Homotoxins’ as substances that were harmful to the human body.

‘Homotoxones’ are substances within the body that bind with and neutralise homotoxins, preparing them for elimination from the body.

Remarkably prescient of the different forms of toxin conjugation that has now described in the second phase of what is called the cytochrome P450 pathway.

Simple Visual Analogy
Using this visual analogy, if you think of the cell as a ‘goldfish’ swimming in the water of his aquarium, he lives in his food and garbage at the same time.

If his water of the aquarium cleaned, it becomes toxic, and the goldfish becomes sick.

A straightforward analogy but this is how our cells in our body become toxic. We need to keep our extra-cellular matrix (ECM – the area around the cells – the water in the aquarium) clean at all times to prevent toxins from making us sick.

The life-quality of the cell will depend on the purity of the ECM.

Examples of Homotoxins

What are Endogenous and Exogenous Homotoxins?

Endogenous Homotoxins

1. Toxins Stored in the Body

Endogenous Homotoxins; produced and stored in the body.

Endogenous Homotoxins examples:

Products of metabolism, Infection, Inflammation or other pathological states, by-products of oxidative stress.

  • CO2
  • Ammonium
  • Oxalic acid
  • Hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Free radicals
  • Glucosis etc

Exogenous Homotoxins

2. Toxins Placed into the Body

Exogenous homotoxins; are ingested, inhaled, dermally injected into or absorbed in the body.

Exogenous Homotoxins (Toxicants, Xenobiotics) examples:

  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Smog
  • Tobacco
  • Caffeine
  • Virus
  • Bacteria

Homotoxins include:

    1. Toxic mercury amalgam fillings in the teeth.
    2. Dysbiosis (unhealthy microorganisms in the gut often due to an unhealthy diet
    3. Hormone replacement therapy
    4. Antibiotics
    5. Candida – chronic yeast infections
    6. Petrochemicals – gas, diesel and petrol fume intolerance
    7. Environmental Toxic exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields, pesticides
    8. Undiagnosed bacterial (Salmonella paratyphi), or protozoon (Giardia and Amoeba) infections in the gut possibly picked up on holiday abroad.

Many people are intolerant to certain foods and feel better for having them identified so that they can make appropriate healthy adjustments to their diets. If cutting out the foods is impractical, the problem may still generally improved with the use of digestive enzymes.

In Homotoxicology, virtually all symptoms of illness are regarded as a manifestation of the body's attempts to rid itself of Homotoxins.

In minor, self-limiting disorders, the body does this unaided.

In more complicated situations, treatment is required.

If the treatment used eliminates the homotoxins, then real healing results. Dr Reckeweg called this phenomenon ‘regressive vicariation‘.

If the treatment suppresses the homotoxins, however, (antibiotics, steroids, and indeed, most drugs do this) then they go deeper into the tissues and manifest after a latent period as a more destructive disease.

This process is called ‘progressive vicariation‘, and leads to chronic degenerative disease and, ultimately, to cancer.

Homotoxicology is a Regulatory Medicine

Avoid Pharmaceuticals

With the increasing use of pharmaceuticals and chemicals that we have experienced in recent years, Dr Reckeweg would not be surprised by the growing incidence of degenerative disease and cancer that we see today.

Dr Reckeweg developed a range of complex homoeopathic medicines to enhance homotoxone production and resolve symptoms by eliminating toxins.

These medicines also activate what Dr Reckeweg called the ‘greater defence system’, a concerted neurological, endocrine, immunological, metabolic and connective tissue response that gives rise to symptoms but has an enormous capacity to neutralise and excrete Homotoxins.

The homotoxicology medicines are today produced by a German Company called ‘HEEL’ are known as Anti-Homotoxical (HEEL) nano-pharmaceuticals.

Homotoxicology, according to Dr H-H Reckeweg, has developed into a unique bio-medical intellectual synthesis including:

1.Molecular biology (medicine)

The result is a non-toxic bio-regulatory therapy, within Integrated, Holistic parameters of health and healing.

‘Health is harmony; dis-ease is discord.’
– Aristotle (384-322 BC)

Homotoxicology is a form of treatment which acts by influencing the body systems to self-regulate the body.


“All the substances absorbed from the food we eat must pass through the connective tissue on their way to the cell.”

– Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985)

Homotoxicology is a form of treatment which acts by influencing the body systems to self-regulate the body.

“All the substances absorbed from the food we eat must pass through the connective tissue on their way to the cell.”

– Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985)

With these words, Heel’s founder Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985) identified the key for research and practice in antihomotoxic medicine.

All substances and information reaching a cell are filtered in the molecular sieve of the extracellular space (ground substance, matrix).

The sieve can become clogged but can be restored to functionality through appropriate detoxification measures. The ground substance is also patrolled by defence cells which intercept exogenous substances and render them harmless.

The links connecting the ground substance to the nervous system and hormone system complete the picture of a ground regulation system as conceived in the quotation from Reckeweg.

These anti-homotoxic therapeutic medicines (Heel) are manufactured in Baden-Baden, Germany, under strict ‘Therapeutic Goods and Manufacturing homoeopathic practices’.

The medicines clinically trialled with evidence-based outcomes. Available with a prescription from Doctors and Health Professionals.

One of my favourites and popular anti-homotoxic therapeutic medicine is Traumeel.

Traumeel – Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Traumeel is a natural anti-inflammatory. Clinically trialled and used by the German Olympic team. It had successful Clinical successful results over diclofenac, a commonly used anti-inflammatory drug!

Anti-Homotoxicology medicines offer choices to allopathic drugs that can provide excellent results without the side effects and iatrogenic complications of drug-based medications.

Homotoxicology Forms A Bridge Between Homoeopathy & Western Medicine