For integrating and understanding past and present experiences; for making positive changes.

Other Application

Provides bioenergetic support for:

  • Releasing bitterness about life or feelings of blame
  • Releasing the tendency to live in the past
  • Accepting changes of the physical body and circumstances of ill health; accepting the process of aging.


Kidney; Points: Kidney 21 and Kidney 3


Mallow, Walnut, Petunia, Cayenne, Cotton, Live Forever, Black Helleborus, Henna, Beech, Khat, Buttercup, California Wild Rose, Heather, Honeysuckle, Penstemon, Sage, Willow, Poison Oak, Herkimer Diamond.
Potencies: 6C, 9C, 12C, 15C, 18C, 24C, 30C
Sepia: 12C, 15C, 18C, 20C, 24C, 30C
Arsenicum album: 12C, 15C, 18C, 20C, 24C, 30C
Lachesis: 12C, 15C, 18C, 20C, 24C, 30C

The 70 Futurplex Essences

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