For releasing suppressed emotional energy which is inhibiting the defense energy.

Other Application

Provides bioenergetic support for:

  • Energy from suppressed anger;
  • Blocked energy from unaccepted or denied feelings.


Stomach 36 & Conception Vessel 12


Agrimony, Dandelion, Black-Eyed Susan, Fuchsia,
Golden Ear Drops, Larch, Pink Monkeyflower, Scarlet
Monkeyflower, Sticky Monkeyflower, Yerba Santa,
Stinging Nettle.
Potencies: 6C, 9C, 12C
Natrum muriaticum: 6C, 9C, 12C
Echinacea: 4X, 6X, 9X
Dandelion: 4X, 6X, 9X
Hydrastis: 4X, 6X, 9X
Myristica sebifera: 4X

The 70 Futurplex Essences

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