For developing a positive outlook; for releasing the tendency to be critical and doubtful.

Other Application

Provides bioenergetic support for:

  • Negative interpretations about life;
  • Feeling incurable even when recovering;
  • Feelings of desperation;
  • The inability to forgive.


Bladder, Kidney and Spleen; Points: Bladder 23, Kidney 7 and Spleen 1


Willow, Spiderwort, Lotus, Dill, Oregon Grape, Madia, Carob, Comfrey, German
Chamomile, Nectarine, Beech, Holly, Mountain Pennyroyal, Yarrow, Gold.
Potencies: 6C, 9C, 12C
Psorinum: 12C
Naja tripudians: 6C, 9C, 12C
Cuprum aceticum: 8C
Sabal serrulata: 6C, 12C

The 70 Futurplex Essences

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