Bodyworx – Musculoskeletal Remedy


‘Natural Musculoskeletal Support’ remedy for the whole body.

*Prescription Only*

100 mL Oral Liquid
Natural Health Product


  • To strengthen, enhance and de-stress the body especially at times of physical challenges.
  • May improve inflammation and temporarily relieve of joint & muscle pain.
  • May improve joint mobility.
  • Natural Anti-inflammatory.
  • Recommended for Pre and Post Exercise.
  • Star Botanicals are energetically balanced Natural Medicines specifically designed and formulated to provide therapeutic combinations of Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathic Medicine and or Flower Essences based on scientific, clinical and traditional medicine.
    May assist in the management of this condition and improve your health and wellbeing.
    Unlocking the healing power of nature!

Recommended Dosage:
5mL (5 full droppers) once to twice a day
Child 3- 12 years
30 drops (1 full dropper) once to twice a day
*Or as directed by your health care professional.