Reduce Stress

Reduce the Stressors in your life with BIOENERGETIC MEDICINE.

Understand what areas of your body are out of balance with BioEnergetic Evaluation (BEE) also known as Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA).

This test combines cutting-edge technology with proven medical science, to provide a unique and effective tool integrating Eastern wisdom with Western technology.

The BioEnergetic Evaluation measures the energy at the meridian acupuncture points, which directs trained health practitioner to the probable areas of your body’s imbalance.

Did you know that acupuncture points have a 20x greater electrical conductivity than surrounding skin? (Dr.Roger de la fuye, c1940).

The health practitioner can quickly evaluate your vitality/functional health to see what areas of your body are stressed, weakened or balanced! Targeting all major organs and organ systems within your body to formulate a comprehensive health status.

  • The computer stores and prioritises bio-electrical impedance testing data using Dr Voll’s theories of conductance.
  • Bio-Rep software then analyses and profiles the data, using complex algorithms to place relational data in easy to read patterns, using Dr. Reckeweg’s Theory of Homotoxicology.
  • This revolutionary profiling tool determines the major systems and organs of the body that are stressed, weakened or balanced and scientifically plots the results into a ‘Homotoxicology 6 phase’ report/graph, according to the work of Dr Reckeweg

This Bioenergetic Medicine is similar to Kinesiology. The aim is to find the stressors (weaknesses) that is undermining your health and to choose nutritional and natural medicines –


Reduce Everyday Stressors

In today’s world, it is hard to avoid the modern stressors of our faced paced life!

Stressors come in many forms and can gradually wear you down and undermine your health.

In TCM Medicine this is called loss of Vital Qi (Energy) or Life force. Your energy dial is spiralling downwards! Feeling generally unwell and lethargic. You know something isn't right but you can't put your finger on it.

The accumulated effects of everyday stresses, whether they’re environmental, emotional, pathological (viruses, bacteria, fungal etc), physical or financial it’s easy to feel worn down and left with no energy to enjoy everyday life.

My Health & Lifestyle package addresses this and brings your body back to balance.

It was found that the preferential pathways taken by the radio-tracers coincide with the acupuncture meridians as described in Chinese traditional medicine, and that these pathways are distinguishable from either lymphatic or vascular routes.

“Nuclear Medicine and Acupuncture: A study on the Migration of Radioactive Tracers after Injection at Acupoints”.

This technology is already being used in various health care practices around the world. BioEnergetic Evaluation gives practitioners more information so that they can

BioEnergetic Evaluation is a state-of-the-art tool designed to measure many different electrical ’circuits’ in your body related to specific organs and systems. This versatile testing instrument record and report bioelectrical impedance measurements, also known as ‘Galvanic Skin Response Testing (GSR). Your measurements are then compared against a database of over 1.5 million tests to identify areas of your body that have moved away from the norm. With that powerful information, the BioEnergetic Evaluation software will assist your health practitioner in effectively formulating a comprehensive support program that is customised to suit your specific needs.

Many functional or energy medical devices are assessed on the research of Dr. Reinhold Voll, a German physician who had been engaged in acupuncture practice in the 1950’s. Voll established that there is a network of energy channels, called meridians, flowing through the body. Meridian points, some of which correlate to acupuncture points, can be used to collect energetic data. Dr Voll demonstrated that the body’s organs are associated with different energy meridians. Imbalances in various organs are believed to manifest themselves as energetic disturbances in the associated meridians.

Based on Dr. Voll’s work, a new field of energy medicine was developed in Europe. He discovered that higher or lower readings than “normal” at the particular acupuncture point indicates an imbalance of the energy flow. Higher readings indicate inflammation or irritation and lower readings indicate degeneration
or low energy flow. These imbalances can indicate the root causes of illnesses that are unexplainable by modern biochemistry-based medicine.

BioEnergetic Evaluation measures the electrical conductivity between specific points on the body by creating a ’circuit,’ and then measuring the flow of electricity between those points. This test would benefit anyone interested in balancing the functional energetic status of his or her own bodies. This applies to those who are unwell and looking to improve their health as well as those who would like to optimize their state of health and possibly prevent future negative health issues.

This evaluation is a state-of-the-art Meridian Stress Assessment that measures different electrical circuits in the body via hand the foot points which are related to specific organ and system function. The points are found on both hands and feet as shown in the image to the right.

It is safe, non-invasive, and painless and uses the same technology as EKG’s and EEG’s used to measure heart and brain function, respectively. Results illustrate which systems in the body are healthy, inflamed or stressed or degenerated and what nutrition will be needed to correct it.

In standard medical testing, blood, urine and saliva tests provide biological data to diagnose disease. In energetic medicine, the energy flows within the body’s acupuncture meridians, which can also be measured. Since everything vibrates at its own particular frequency, these frequencies can be analyzed for their existence and potential impact to help improve the overall health of a patient.

BioEnergetic Evaluation (Meridian Stress Assessment) will help to identify stressors and/or weakness in the body that may be a result of bacteria, viruses, parasites, molds and fungus, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, heavy metals toxicity, radiation, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, emotional imbalances, allergy testing, food sensitivities and environmental sensitivities.