Stimulating the healing of emotional and persistent repressed mental or emotional conflicts


Flower Essence therapy dates back to ancient times the earliest known 28th century BC, by Emperor Shen Nung who was considered the father of Chinese herbal medicine. He studies the dendrobium species of orchid and the flowers therapeutic properties. He also wrote about the medicinal properties of cannabis. Orchids in China continue to be used for their therapeutic qualities, and are believed to be useful in treating cancer, strengthening the immune system, and improving eyesight.

Healing Power of Flower Essences

Many cultures have their unique range of healing flower essences. One of the most popular that you probaly have heard of is Dr Bach, from England who discovered 38 flower essences in his range we call Bach Flower Essences. Each remedy is the essence of a different wildflower and targets a specific emotional state. Every Flower Essence is unique in its emotional and mental affinity that gently but profoundly play a wonderful role in healing the mind.

The healing powers of flowers were known then to be able to unlock the inner wisdom and have supportive emotional benefits.

Stress Relief

Flower Therapy use a combination of specific flower essences to help unlock and heal mental and emotinal wellbeing. Like layers of an onion the stress and hidden emotions gradually fall away allowing for a more positive attitue, calm mind and reduction of stress, fears and trauma when taking flower essences in a professional prescription from your health practitioner.

Emotional and negative experiences in our lives have a consequence to the physical body and research is now proving that our emotions can cause disease states and continually obstruct our fulfilment in life. It is important to always treat the whole body-mind & soul.


Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Flower essences are liquid extracts used to treat emotional wellbeing and mind-body health. Flower essences are dilute, potentized herbal infusions or decoctions, prepared from wildflowers or pristine garden blossoms.

Energetic Medicine

Flower essences are prescribed by health practitioners who often specialise in Energetic Medicine. Energetic of Vibrational (Frequency)Medicine a class of subtle energy medicine, also includes homeopathy, acupuncture, colour therapy, therapeutic touch and similar modalities.

With the use of Flower Essences the healing of the physical, mental and spiritual body is addressed so gently, yet definitively.

Flower Essences Are Gentle & Safe

I prescribe a combination of flower essences for most of my patients as they are gentle, safe and have profound healing in emotional, mental wellbeing.

Flower Essence Therapy is beneficial in the treatment of children, adults, pets and even plants with no contraindications!

Individually designed and created for you

My favourite flower essence remedy ranges that I may prescribe for you are after a Naturopathic consultation are:

  1. Australian Flower Essences
  2. Bach Flower Essences
  3. Futurplex Flower Essences

My Health & Lifestyle Package includes a flower essence.

The flower essence is individually designed, blended and created for you, to help support your health and well-being in conjunction with

  1. Homoeopathic Remedy
  2. Herbal Remedies
  3. Nutritional advice
  4. Lifestyle Management & Exercise & Fitness Management Prescription