Homotoxicology is a biological medicine

Biological Medicine is the art and science of healing where the therapeutic measures are orientated to life stresses (toxins); and are designed for the capability of the individual patient to regulate, regenerate, adapt and self-heal.

Homotoxicology is an integrated holistic bio-regulatory system of medicine as initiated and established by Dr H-H Reckeweg. Homotoxicology is based on modern-day bio-medical sciences in terms of diagnosis and therapy, utilising progressive homoeopathy in the form of anti-homotoxic remedies. Such therapeutics are basically nano-pharmacological preparations of single, complex, combination, serial potency, homoeopathically attenuated or potentised allopathic chemical and medical substances, with immuno and anti-oxidant nutrient and probiotic supplementation, as part of adjuvant holistic care, as equally life-style modification, stress control and toxin avoidance.

Homotoxicology represents a unique intellectual synthesis of healing disciplines, seeking to strengthen the organs of excretion (liver, kidney), to remove the toxins accumulated in the extracellular matrix (ECM) (excretion), to stimulate and modulate the immune system, and to regulate the whole by rebalancing the ‘diseased’ body system, in several spheres.

Using this visual analogy  – Simply put if you think of the cell as a ‘goldfish’ swimming in the water of his aquarium he actually lives in his food and garbage at the same time. If his water of the aquarium is not cleaned it becomes toxic and the fish becomes sick. This is a very simple analogy but this is how our cells in our body become toxic. We need to keep our extracellular matrix (ECM – the area around the cells – the water in the aquarium) clean at all times to prevent toxins from making us sick. The life-quality of the cell will depend on the purity of the ECM

What is a Homotoxin?

Homotoxins are any toxic product affecting the human organism. A Homotoxin is another word for “Poison”.

Endogenous Homotoxins are produced and stored in the body: internal waste products of metabolism, infection, inflammation or other pathological states, by-products of oxidative stress.

Endogenous Homotoxins (Toxins) e.g.

  • CO2
  • Ammonium
  • Oxalic acid
  • Hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Free radicals
  • Glucosis etc

Exogenous homotoxins are ingested, inhaled and/or dermally injected into or absorbed in the body.

Exogenous Homotoxins (Toxicants, Xenobiotics) e.g,

  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Smog
  • Tobacco
  • Caffeine
  • Virus
  • Bacteria etc.
Homotoxicology is a regulatory medicine

Homotoxicology forms a bridge between Homoeopathy & Western Medicine.

Bio-Regulatory Medicine (of which Dr H-H Reckeweg’s System of Homotoxicology is the PRIME example) focuses on the Extra-Cellular Matrix or ground substance (ECM), AND the TOXAEMIA Load, utilising informational, transport, activation, stimulation, and toxin removal strategies of homoeo-therapeutics on the mental, physical, emotional (Mind-Body-Spirit) biological and functional planes i.e. Anti-Homotoxical (HEEL) nano-pharmaceuticals.

Such invokes an integrated approach holistically, seeking to re-establish total homeostasis and immune system stimulation and modulation; and incorporating energy dynamics and regulatory cybernetic bio-flow systems, by working in harmony with the human body’s natural self-healing ability and regeneration, adaption, vitality and re-birth capabilities within the organism.

Homotoxicology (according to Dr H-H Reckeweg) has developed into a unique bio-medical intellectual synthesis between the concepts of molecular biology (medicine), bio-chemistry, biophysics, cybernetic living, dynamic flow systems, toxicology and modern-day patho-physiology, including immune system structure and function, resulting in non-toxic bio-regulatory therapy, within Integrated, Holistic parameters of health and healing.

‘Health is harmony, dis-ease is discord’

Aristotle (384-322 BC)

Homotoxicology has been used by doctors and health professionals for over 60 years in 60 countries.

Homotoxicology gives you a positive outcome to work towards healing your body by dealing with cellular health and clearing the toxins that may be inhibiting your positive outcome for 'Excellent Health'.

Homotoxicology is a form of treatment which acts by influencing the body systems to self-regulate the body. Systemic identification of the mechanisms involved in this is the goal of the basic research. The ultimate aim is to establish how the various mechanisms in the homotoxicology system fit together and to ascertain the value of homotoxicology for bio-regulatory medicine.

“All the substances absorbed from the food we eat must pass through the connective tissue

on their way to the cell.”

– Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985)

With these words, Heel’s founder Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985) identified the key for research and practice in antihomotoxic medicine.

We now know that all substances and information reaching a cell are filtered in the molecular sieve of the extracellular space (ground substance, matrix). The sieve can become clogged but can be restored to functionality through appropriate detoxification measures. The ground substance is also patrolled by defence cells which intercept exogenous substances and render them harmless. The links connecting the ground substance to the nervous system and hormone system complete the picture of a ground regulation system as conceived in the quotation from Reckeweg.

These anti-homotoxic therapeutic medicines are manufactured in Baden-Baden, Germany under strict ‘Therapeutic Goods and Manufacturing homoeopathic practices’.  These medicines have been clinically trialled with evidence-based outcomes.  The medicines are only available with a prescription from Doctors and Health Professionals.

One of these popular anti-homotoxic therapeutic medicines is Traumeel.  Traumeel is a natural anti-inflammatory that is used by the German Olympic team and homotoxicologists (bioregulatory medicine practitioners) with successful results over diclofenac, a commonly used anti-inflammatory drug!

Anti-Homotoxicology medicines offer choices to allopathic drugs that can provide excellent results without the side effects and iatrogenic complications of drug-based medications.

Homotoxicology is a therapy that is proactive in working towards ‘Preventative Medicine’, for all ages, all health conditions and the reality of dealing with daily toxins and stresses in our modern society with an action plan to move towards positive health, abundant energy and well being!