SIL (D12), Silica
The skin, hair and nails salt. Toxic Eliminator


In blood, bile, skin, hair, nails, bones, nerves and glands.


Causes slow formation of pus. Chilly sensitive people. Festering sores. Silica is called the homoeopathic surgeon because of its ability to help the body eliminate nonfunctional organic matter.


Worse cold, moist and movement. Better warm rooms, warm applications.


  • Toxins – Eliminations of waste, conditions and cleanses the bodies tissues. Helpful in all septic conditions in the body. Has a deep slow long-lasting effect.
  • Elderly – Remedy for the elderly.
  • Musculoskeletal – Strengthens connective tissue by enhancing elasticity, improves joint mobility and brittle bones. Promotes strong bones.
  • Beauty – Skin, hair and nails mineral. Conditions and cleanses the skin. Styes.
  • Skin – promotes healthy skin, excellent for pimples, boils, abscesses and cysts. Skin problems when pus forms. Healing scar tissue. Helps reduce wrinkles. Strengthens the skin and connective tissue by enhancing the elasticity.
  • Hair – Improves hair strength and hair loss.
  • Nails – Improves brittle nails and nail growth.
  • Gastrointestinal – Digestion problems, constipation and ulcers.
  • Respiratory – Irritating coughs.
  • Lymphatics – Tonsillitis, stony hard glands.
  • Toothache – Acute forms of pain and nerve insulator.
  • Headaches – Bought on by study.
  • Perspiration – Excessive, offensive. Especially of the armpits and feet.
  • Emotional – Fatigue, nervous exhaustion and weakness. Chilly sensitive people.

The 12 Dr. Schussler Salts x

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