I am always in awe at the simplicity in which Christine could get to the heart of the matter. Christine helped me to take my listening skills and health to the next level. Her enthusiastic coaching style is encouraging, motivating, and uplifting.
Greg Ramsden
Perth, Australia
Christine is a passionate dedicated and client-focused professional. She has a myriad of talents and skills, but one of her greatest skills is her passion for her clients and the causes that she supports.
Harry Cormack
Lawyer Sydney,NSW
Christine is an exceptional holistic practitioner who has a depth of expertise in a myriad of therapeutic areas. She is well researched, and her care and passion for her practice and her patients is second to none!
Claudette Wadsworth
Naturopath Sydney, NSW
I've worked with and trained many BioScan Technicians over the past 13 years, including the international distributors of BioMeridian (now International Health Technologies). Christine is among the finest of all practitioners. Christine has a deep understanding of health and wellness and lives a healthy lifestyle practising what she preaches. She guides her patients on a journey to wellness and healing, teaching her patients based on her experience and professional Naturopathic qualifications.
Janet Hughes
Medical Technician USA
As a naturopathic practitioner, Christine inspires confidence with a complete absence of ego or professional arrogance. Christine is one of the most positive people I know and helping people overcome longstanding health issues has been her passion. Christine gives freely of herself and her valuable knowledge and insights. She thinks creatively about the “whole”, and the effects that years of modern medicine have imprinted, using a natural path to treat ailments rather than taking medications.
Victoria Jackson
Director, Beachstar P/L, Australia
Christine is an amazing traditionally trained natural therapist. I have known her for many years and trust her knowledge and wisdom She is a great listener and is very passionate about health and fitness. You will love her healing style … I know I do
Sharon Lindner
Herbalist Newcastle, NSW
Christine Gugiatti is a gifted and dedicated healer. I have known her for about five years now and am continually impressed by her knowledge and understanding of the complex organism we know as a human being. She is genuinely kind, empathetic and profoundly compassionate, always dedicated to the welfare of others. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is genuinely interested in taking back control of their wellbeing.
John Toomey
Melbourne, Victoria
I have known Christine for many years & her knowledge & passion for naturopathic health & supporting people to achieve optimal health never ceases to amaze me. Christine has a wealth of experience in this field & is a true holistic healer. All this plus Christine is one of the most beautiful, kind & respectful people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. I’d highly recommend Christine to anyone who wants to improve their health holistically.
Jennifer Byrne-Smith
Sydney, NSW
Christine goes above and beyond the care that she gives her clients. With over 30 years of experience, she is knowledgeable in all areas of natural health and helps her clients achieve impressive success. Christine is warm, nurturing and inspiring to be around and that is why I choose her to be my naturopath and holistic practitioner. Christine is the ultimate naturopath's naturopath.
Joyce Krishna
Melbourne, VIC
Christine is beautiful, kind, loving, caring naturopath always motivating and inspiring important health and positive lifestyle advice to all is her patients. Christine is an excellent example of what she preaches she practices, and this shines through on her appearance and physical fitness. I have requested Chrissie's guidance on many occasions with health and emotional concerns. I have always received helpful assistance and have come out on top of my problems. I am fortunate to have such a special person in my life and know Christine will always be there for me when I seek assistance in my health and lifestyle. Thank you, Christine, for being my dear friend and mentor.
Tina Wilson
Geraldton, Western Australia
Christine, has a natural talent in communicating with her clients, to understand where they once were and what is needed to change in their life to achieve the best result. Christine understood that I could no longer train like I did in my late teen's and 20's through to my 30's, but her insight and understanding she guided me to make slight changes in the way I eat and what I ate which resulted in me loosing 12 kg and still going strong. I do not need to train like I use to but I have learnt to do little things when I am at work which turn into exercise. Thank you Christine for giving me a better way of life.
Michael Marcou
Managing Director at Mortgage Options HQ Sydney, Australia
Christine has been my family Naturopath for 30 years. I genuinely don't know how I would have raised my four children to be healthy strong adults without her advice and remedies. She has got us through many childhood illnesses and now continues to advise and assist us through these next stages of life. Her knowledge and understanding of all areas of health and wellness are evident in her results and her kind, and caring approach has given me the confidence I have chosen the right practitioner for mine and my family’s health and wellness.
Neelam Taylor-Somers
Dermal Beauty Therapist, North Beach, Western Australia
Christine has been my Naturopath practitioner for over 20 years. My first consultation was when I lived in Kalgoorlie, WA and had been struck down with upper stomach and oesophagus condition. I was put on medication that I was to take for the rest of my life and was told not to fall pregnant while on this particular medication. This was not an option! I was referred to Christine by a friend, and she started me on a treatment of herbal medicine, and a unique nutritional diet and lifestyle program. Within six months I was completely back to health and conceived my first daughter. During my pregnancy, Christine continued to prescribe a range of individually designed and created remedies and nutritional and fitness/lifestyle program. My pregnancy was a joy, and my beautiful, healthy baby girl was born naturally. I continued to consult Christine and conceived my second daughter who was also a trouble-free pregnancy and birth. Both born incredibly healthy, pink and plump! My first daughter has now had her first baby, and still, Christine is the one person we turn to for support with our health. Her kindness and incredible positive energy make her one of a kind.
Mechelle Calteaux
Queensland, Australia
I have known Christine for many years within the Naturopathic industry and have worked with her professionally, in addition to seeing her personally for consultations and I can highly recommend to anyone interested in gaining balance and direction towards a healthier lifestyle that they can trust in the service that Christine offers. Not only is she an incredible inspirational woman with a large family of her own, she is a very supportive practitioner who understands the importance of balance. You really do feel like she's there for you. She radiates fun and positivity wherever she goes as well! My personal health journey with Christine was very positive, my son was conceived naturally thanks to her guidance and advice despite having tried for over a year prior to her assistance with no luck. Thank you, lovely Christine!
Tanya Legros
Perth, Western Australia
For years I have struggled with my weight and overall fitness. I have been on every diet under the sun with limited success. I realised that I needed a more holistic approach to solving my weight problem and researching on the web I found Christine. Her approach, manner, professionalism, knowledge and tailored individual solution to your health challenges has meant that in the first month I lost 5 kilos and haven’t felt this good in years! Christine will analyse your lifestyle, work, eating habits and overall health and then guides you to solutions which provide a more preventative approach. Having never used a naturopath before I was a little hesitant, but Christine overall knowledge and experience means she sees a place for modern medicine however strives for prevention, so you don’t need a Doctor. Christine is able to make immediate connection with her clients and quickly achieve outcomes which not only work but will fit in with your lifestyle. If you are looking to improve your overall health and find healthy solutions to fit into your lifestyle then you have come to the right place.
Manny Papadoulis
Deputy Chairman of Tourism WA Perth, Australia