Have You Been Prescribed the Bach Flower Essence Vervain?

I am happy to share the therapeutic benefits of this flower essence below with you. Flower Essence Therapy is gentle, safe and perfect to help relieve the stressors of the modern world! Would you like to chip away at the negative emotional stress, fears and memories of your mind that may be holding you back from healing? When you take flower essences regularly, they gradually lift the adverse emotional blockers of the past and help you see the world in a brighter, beautiful light.
Flower Essences are Energetically Healing
When you take Flower Essences the healing of the physical, mental and spiritual body is gently, yet definitively.
Bach Flower Therapy
This Flower Essence is called Vervain Latin Name: Verbena officinalis Bach Flower Remedy #31


Vervain relates to the soul potentillas of self-discipline and restraint. In the negative state cannot relax even if they want to. Can get by on minimum sleep. Their movements are quick, and their speech rapid. Negative Vervain state does take it to extremes. They are willing to suffer great inconveniences, be arrested, or even destroy themselves to get their point across. E.g. people who tie themselves to a tree in the forest, lay in front of an approaching bulldozer, or pour gas on themselves before lighting a match.


  1. Extremely enthusiastic in supporting a good cause.
  2. Strains his energies
  3. Highly-strung
  4. Even fanatical
  5. Never resting
  6. Tense
  7. Fanatic
  8. Ignores his own body's warning signals
  9. Push to exhaustion until illness overtakes

Potential Following Transformation

  • Stands up for one's ideas, but also gives others the right to have their own opinions.
  • May allow oneself to be converted to another view by good arguments in a discussion.
  • Positive Vervain emotional state can see things more transparent, with a broader context.
  • Able to use one's high energies effectively and with love for a worthwhile end.
  • The ‘torchbearer.
  • Effortlessly able to enthuse and inspire others.
  • Consider other's ideas and points of view.

Supportive Measures

  • Understand that any system will break down some time or other if constant tension is applied and that this will serve no one.
  • Accept that it is not always the intensity of the effort put in, but adaptable psychological tactics that will lead to success.
  • Do not ‘over-ride' the other person but' ride with him'.
  • Make room for specific breaks for relaxation in the day's programme: sit down, do breathing exercises, etc.
  • Take Tai Chi and other forms of meditation involving slow, harmonious movement.
  • Competitive sport or dance lessons, to channel the energies and powers of concentration positively.

Positive Statements for Practice

  • ‘I am holding back, letting the others come on.'
  • ‘I am harmonising my energies, to use them with more care and to better effect.'
  • ‘I am becoming a vessel for higher powers, and wholly give myself up to inner guidance.'
Flower Essence Therapy is healing, gentle and safe!
FLOWER ESSENCES are individually designed & blended in a remedy (Star Botanical Range) specifically for you after a Naturopathic Consultation and with your Health & Lifestyle Prescription. Flower Essences are also a particular remedy of choice in my' Stress & Emotional Wellbeing Package‘. Look after your mental health and emotional wellbeing! Flower Essences Stimulate the Healing of Emotional and Persistent Repressed Mental or Emotional conflicts!!

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