Ferrum Phosphate

FERR PHOS (D12), Ferrum phosphoricum, Iron Phosphate. The first assistance, First Aid Salt


In the blood Constituent of hemoglobin. Vital because of its role to carry oxygen to every cell of the body.


Causes fever, inflammation, poor appetite, weight loss. Tongue clean, red, inflamed or swollen.


Worse from motion. Better from cold.


  • Acute Illness and Trauma – Supplementary remedy in first aid conditions, including blood loss, inflammation and fever. Helps with shock.
  • Inflammations – Acute, redness, throbbing, heat and pain, muscle aches. Acts as an anti-inflammatory. Used in First Stages of Inflammation (redness, swelling, early fever).
  • Feverish conditions – Cold, flu, congestion, severe thirst. Hot and red skin. High temperatures, pain, quickened pulse.
  • Infections – Fresh wounds, cuts, braises and scratches.
  • Burns – Sunburn and burns.
  • Cardiovascular – Iron absorption and utilization; blood loss, anaemia, oxygenates the blood. Promotes blood vessel and artery strength.
  • Menstrual – During menstruation especially used with heavy bleeding (menorrhagia).
  • Respiratory – Sore throats, coughs, cold symptoms, chills, feverishness and first stages of respiratory complaints.
  • Throat – Sore and loss of voice from overuse.
  • Headache – Congestive.
  • Earache
  • Children – Bed wetting, listless children with poor appetites.
  • Insomnia – Caused by concentrated study, mental exhaustion.

Ferrum Phos is administered in the early stages(the onset) of acute disorders and should be given frequently until the inflammation subsides.

All fevers indicate Ferrum Phosphate as it is part of hemoglobin (red blood cell) which carries oxygen more efficiently throughout the body, helping it to fight all infections. Excellent for illness in old age and young children.

Ferrum Phos is a useful first-aid cell salt for all muscular strains and sprains.

The 12 Dr. Schussler Salts x

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