Natrum Muriaticum

NAT MUR (D6), Natrium chloratum, Natrum Muriate, Sodium Chloride
The fluid balacer and Water distributor salt


In every liquid and solid part of the body. Also known as ‘Sodium Chloride’. Acts upon the lymphatic system, blood, liver, spleen, mucous lining of alimentary canal.


Causes fluid imbalance, e.g. bloated skin or excessively dry skin. Loss of taste or salty taste. Loss of smell. Craves salt – thirsty. The tendency to cry easily. Frothy saliva. Dry or cracked tongue. Failure to respond to other cell salts.


Worse from seaside, cold, moist weather, morning.


  • Fluid Balance – regulates and distribution of body fluids. Regulator of moisture in the cells, too little or too much, it maintains the proper balance of moisture in the cell wall.
  • Excessive – salivation and urination. Oedema. Swollen ankles, hands & feet. All conditions of excess water in cells. Excessive moisture or dryness. Craving for salty food. Dry mouth, excessive thirst.
  • Hay fever – Watery eyes, blisters, watery colds with flow of tears and runny nose.
  • Cold and Flu – With discharge of mucous(clear & thin), sneezing. Dry painful nose. Early stages of common colds with clear, running discharge.
  • Throat – Sore and all associated throat symptoms.
  • Skin – Dry, psoriasis, pasty face, bloated skin, dry flaky skin.
  • Hair – Dry scalp, dandruff, red hair line. Itching of hair at the nape of neck.
  • Gastrointestinal – Heartburn, vomiting, diarrhoea and constipation, tremendous thirst.
  • Headaches – Bought on by constipation.
  • Sensitive – Cold hands and feet, sensitive cold spine.
  • Numbness – Pins and needles in toes, fingers, lips, tongue.
  • Facial neuralgia
  • Unrefreshed sleep
  • After effects of alcohol
  • Emotional – Despair, low spirits, depression. Tendancy to cry easily.
  • Insect Bites – Applied topically.

The 12 Dr. Schussler Salts x

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