KALI PHOS (D6), Kali Posphoricum, Potassium Phosphate. The nerves and mind salt. Nerve Nutrient Constituent.


Especially in brain and nerve cells, spinal cord,muscle and blood.


Causes irritability, fearfulness, exhaustion. All emotional problems. Feeling too tired to rest, anxiety, irritability, temper tantrums, dizziness, brain fatigue, nervous asthma and sleeplessness. Tongue brown or mustard coloured, dry or inflamed. Breath is offensive. Easily bleeding gums.


Worse from noise, physical or mental exertion, cold air, beginning movement after rest. Better from gentle motion, eating, rest, excitement.


  • Balances – Mind and nerves, excellent for stress and anxiety. Brain and nerve tonic.
  • Nervous System – To soothe stressful situations, irritability, tiredness, anxiety and fears.
  • Insomnia – May relieve insomnia
  • Memory – Improves poor memory
  • Energy – Increases energy levels due to stress, lack of sleep and anxiety.
  • Muscular – Weakness, cramps from over exertion.
  • Tension – Headaches, menopausal mood swings, children’s tantrums.
  • Respiratory – Asthma from physical and emotional tension. Nervous Asthma.
  • Skin – Shingles, nervous skin rashes, indigestion, ulcers and anxiety.
  • Hair – Problems.
  • Exhaustion – Mental, physical, emotional and general states of weakness,
    palpitations and feeling tired.
  • Emotional – Irritability, fearful, physical and mental exhaustion, nervous tension, nervous and edgy. Worse from noise. Supports the treatment of depression. Excellent remedy for people under stress facing intense demands.
  • Children – helps school children who are ill humored, grumpy, shy, lazy, bashful or fretful. Improves children’s coping mechanism for stress. Promotes coping mechanisms to encourage contentment, witteness, and happiness in their young developing schooling years. Improves children’s temper tantrums. Improves sleeplessness.
  • Vitality – This remedy helps restore emotional balance for all stages of life when vitality is low.

The 12 Dr. Schussler Salts x

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